Professional and Project Experience

Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin, RHW

GIS Analyst

Nicky has recently joined the RHW team to assist in GIS, the RHW represents the sovereign treaty signatories of the Robinson Huron Treaty and the 21 communities within. With special attention to critical cartography (mapping our ways) a mapping exercises to undertake historical research and map the treaty territory along with developing a GIS Portal to access major impacts within the ecosystem. To manage and protect our inherent rights, sovereign rights and responsibilities as caretakers, protectors and stewards of our Nations’ ecosystems and all within it.

Algoma University

Geospatial Assistance and Training

Professional training and participation with a summer course session (Introduction to GIS), specifically geared to First Nations Lands Management, a Level 1 course that is provided as part of the Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP) established in partnership with the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA) at Algoma University. Nicky was involved with many tasks; providing a presentation on her professional portfolio showcasing GIS projects based on First Nation lands Management, provided basic training, assisted students with GIS applications and developed a field/lab exercise using Survey123 to collect data, import data, visualize data and create a map layout in ArcPro.

Batchewana Natural Resources (BNR)

Geospatial Services and Training

Nicky is actively involved with Traditional Knowledge (TK) collection and developing a TK Inventory, along with GIS data management. In collaboration, in developing the Natural Resources Project (GIS), along with Operational Manual to assist with developing projects related to; mining, forestry, etc. An important and reliable GIS database to house base layers required in mapping projects

Developing Indigenous Environmental Keepers (DIEK)

GIS Training using Open Source Software (QGIS Tutorial)

Crane’s Atlas was equipped to lead students through the processes involved in developing a thematic map with cartographic elements and features based on relevant data.

Sustainable Development - Wahnapitae First Nation

Geospatial Analyst

For nearly 10 years, Nicky was responsible for the Geographic Information System along with database management by operating a vital management tool. A system which involved strategic planning to provide thematic maps in relation to; Baseline Data, Data Collection and Researched Data. A process heavily involving compilation, analysis and identifying spatial relationships, assuring quality control of data accuracy and projections through out projects. Data Curation and Cartography led with GIS (ESRI software) for; Environmental Management, Forestry, Land Management System, Land Use Planning, Mining, Traditional Knowledge, etc. In addition, providing advanced GIS technology; web-based or interactive maps and promoting working relationships through training/sharing of skills.

Awjijawk Resources

Geological Cartographer

Responsible for Data Collection and mapping, worked alongside lead geologist, for a geological exploration. Process involved using GPS software to transfer and then compiled the data using AutoCAD. Prepared thematic maps representing geological exploration features.

Wickham Consulting Ltd.

Project Technologist

Provided project support for all projects; technically (AutoCad), described and verbally. Offered liaison with; clients, contractors and suppliers. Worked on local First Nation projects; PPA, EPA, development for INAC. Projected financial expenditures. Prepared proposal and tender package. Assembled NMS specifications for contracts and performed all administrative duties.

Key Relations from Industry Partners

Golder and Associates / Vale

Environmental Baseline Study

Mapping for mining operations, included terrestrial Surveys for; SAR, Turtle, Breeding Bird, Owls, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd.

Environmental Baseline Study

Mapping for geological exploration included surface water quality and hydrology measurements, terrestrial and soil surveys, wildlife and species at risk surveys, and an aquatic baseline study.

VMS Ventures Inc.

Geophysical Survey compilation

The project was a large 61,000 square kilometer compilation of data including numerous geophysical surveys from various geophysical contractors, government GIS databases, assessment reports, and digitizing areas of interest based on results.

True Claim Exploration Inc.

Scadding Tailings Reclamation Project

Involved with the mapping projects for a Closure Plan, collected and compiled all baseline data required for the Closure Plan. Involved environmental baseline surveys data.

Glencore (formally Xstrata)

Environmental Base map

Designed a GIS database to house Xstrata’s data for all relevant areas; built for the environmental team to easily access valuable information from all units, for features and measures associated with the smelter site.