Where We Came From

Crane’s Atlas is owned and operated by Nicky Recollet, since 2019. Nicky Recollet is considered a leading developer for First Nation based Geographic Information Systems and is well defined with databases, data collection, map inventory and structure. Nicky Recollet, is a member of Wahnapitae First Nation and began establishing her communities GIS in 2009, a system that uses advanced technology that is continuously and rapidly upgraded. Since then, she has formed relationships over many years with her neighbouring communities, providing GIS expertise to; Batchewana FN, Whitefish Lake FN, Henvey Inlet FN, Dokis FN and a few others with recent contributions to the Robinson Huron Treaty communities through critical cartography "Mapping Our Ways". She has also assisted Anishinaabek conservation through mapping initiatives including: Water Walks, Water Keepers Journey, WFN Canoe Journeys, and Recycling Program (Waabnoong Bemjiwang Association for First Nations) and has developed a GIS Portal for First Nation communities to access data related to mining activities, geology, major projects (wind and solar farms, etc.), and many other land management layers.

Recently a new relationship with Algoma University has been established, Nicky has contributed to an Introduction to GIS course which is part of the Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP) established in partnership with the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA). By providing the students with a presentation on her professional endeavors and will also be engaging them in basic GIS exercises and applications. Throughout her professional career Nicky has formed relationships with Industry partners; and her work has been explored on many occasions and effective in numerous Environmental Baseline Studies, as well as other projects. Nicky Recollet has presented on many occasions, demonstrating GIS materials, at conferences such as; Northern Ontario First Nation Conference, Indigenous Mapping Workshop, Taking Care of our Lands at Algoma University and more recently the Indigenous Lands and Resource Management Conference.

Crane’s Atlas – Key Professionals

Nicky Recollet, BSc – Geospatial Expert

Since birth, Nicky Recollet has had a strong connection to the land that is known as Wawnabitaybing (Wahnapitae 11) alongside its traditional territory the Robinson Huron Treaty 1850, RHT1850. Having such strong roots with the Anishinabek culture, Nicky places the values that her ancestors passed down to her with the utmost respect and appreciates her roles and responsibilities of her spirit. Nicky has provided the skills achieved from her developing career, reaching the responsibility to; develop, maintain and operate a Geographic Information System (GIS), using ESRI as the main software for Communities, Industry, and Education. Over 10 years expertise in GIS and Database management, Nicky has strong skills with geospatial analysis functionality to provide advanced technology, for projects and activities within our territory. Database management and Geospatial services are fundamental to; resource activity, cultural knowledge, and ecosystems processes, by applying models and representations for use in areas such as; environmental, restoration and conservation practices. Nicky has actively served in a variety of roles over the past 15 years and has recently developed Crane’s Atlas, sole proprietor to a First Nation business, 2019. Nicky Recollet has a degree in Biology from Algoma University, a graduate certificate as Geographic Information Systems Applications Specialist (Honours) from Sault College as well as a Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma from Cambrian College. She is continually working to further develop work skills in order to plan, foster and manage various ongoing geospatial projects in many fields, including; historical research, traditional knowledge, lands and resources, and exploitation. Recently, visualizing a necessity for geospatial database management for; traditional medicine, food sovereignty, practices and the services of the health world, in order to sustain our Anishinaabek communities. She is constantly working on her professional development and is actively undertaking her Masters in Geographic Information Systems Applications while working with the Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin as the GIS Analyst. Nicky is avid to contribute her knowledge and skills to the development of our growing; Communities, Institutes, Ministries and Industry, by building relationships and connections for the protection of Mother Earth and all our relations.